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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Powering an Equitable Clean Energy Future for Illinois

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  The IPA recognizes that DEI is central to its mission and is imperative to the work we do as an Agency. At the IPA, we strive to:

  • Ensure the uniqueness and dignity of all individuals.
  • Foster a culture of belonging and strive for equity.
  • Ensure DEI principles inform our work in the clean energy sector.
  • Strengthen and advance equity in the clean energy industry by increasing access to the growing clean energy economy for communities that have been historically excluded from economic opportunities with the energy sector.

DEI Targets and Mandates

Equity Eligible Contractor Category

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (Public Act 102-0662 or CEJA) created new financing resources and dedicated program capacity to support renewable energy projects led by Equity Eligible Contractors within the IPA’s Illinois Shines Program (known in Illinois law as the Adjustable Block Program). 

To learn more, visit the Equity Eligible Contractor page of the Adjustable Block Program website.

Minimum Equity Standard

CEJA created an Equity Accountability System mandating minimum equity standards for certain IPA-administered renewable energy programs and procurements. The Minimum Equity Standard (“MES”)  helps ensure that the growing clean energy economy is accessible by everyone.  Under the MES, an increasing portion of the workforce of an entity participating in the IPA’s Illinois Shines Program or competitive renewable energy procurements must meet baseline equity requirements.

To learn more about the Minimum Standard requirements, see section of the Agency’s Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan.

For stakeholder engagement on MES, visit the Stakeholder Engagement page under Renewable Resources on the IPA website.

For final MES rationale document, waivers, and other key educational resources, visit the MES webpage on the IPA website. 

Energy Workforce Equity Portal

CEJA directed the IPA and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (“DCEO”) to help historically underserved communities participate in and benefit from the growing clean energy economy. As part of this mandate, the IPA and DCEO are required to create and maintain an Energy Workforce Equity Portal, a public-facing tool that connects clean energy companies and developers with equity eligible persons looking to work in the clean energy sector in Illinois.  The portal both helps equity eligible persons receive employment opportunities while assisting clean energy development companies with  Phase I of the portal was launched on January 31, 2023. Phase II will be launched in June 2023.

To learn more, visit

For questions about the portal, please email

For questions on CEJA workforce training programs, please read the CEJA Workforce Programs FAQ (The IPA does not administer CEJA job-training programs. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) is charged with implementing many programs under CEJA, including the clean jobs workforce and contractor programs).

Racial Disparity Study

The Illinois Power Agency has released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking qualified and knowledgeable experts or expert firms to conduct a complete, comprehensive, and legally supportable Racial Disparity and Availability Study to assess the presence and impact of racial discrimination or disparities in Illinois’ clean energy economy. The chance to serve as the Agency’s Racial Disparity Study Consultant represents a premier opportunity for the selected firm to contribute to the Agency's mission of enhancing equity within Illinois’ clean energy economy.

Responses to the RFQ are due June 21, 2024. The Agency will subsequently issue a Request for Proposals and invite responses from firms who were found qualified through the RFQ process.


The IPA’s small and minority business outreach efforts are designed to develop and foster a culture that prioritizes advancing access to communities that have been excluded from economic opportunities within the solar energy sector. The IPA’s outreach efforts are targeted toward minority business associations and other agencies to increase access to program education, recruitment, and relevant participation.

For questions about outreach, please email IPA DEI Outreach Associate Kina Askew at

DEI Data Center

DEI Educational Resources

IPA DEI Webinars & Training


(Upcoming DEI Webinars will be posted here when scheduled)


External DEI Webinars & Training

  • No Climate. No Equity. No Deal: A feature showcasing CEJA at the One Earth Film Festival - March 7
  • Advancing Equity through 100% Clean Energy: A Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) webinar that discusses the report published by CESA on how the different states view the equity implications of climate impacts, and what they are proposing for mitigation solutions, planning processes, and implementation processes.